Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tango lesson: Using less words, more videos

I have been wanting to write about this beautiful movie for a long time. But words have failed me. So I thought may be I could do a video review with saying as little as possible. I want you to see this movie and enjoy the visuals and the romance as much as I did.

(Watch one video fully, come back to the post and so on..)
 If you want to dance, the world is your prop. How they just dance on the road,

In the rains,

in the kitchen, on the fireplace, with chairs and walls, escalators in the airport,with everything and everywhere in the world...

this trailer really captures it all. Their fights, his passion, her writer's block, their dances, and their romance.

Sally Potter and Pablo Veron are both superbly talented, and truly headstrong. When two equals fight, its a painful pleasure, a high and a low. You badly want them to resolve. These intimate fights of lovers revolve around one thing - When Pablo teaches Tango, Sally follows with difficulty, but she does. But when Sally wants to direct a film, Pablo doesn't want to follow. Its the man-woman fire and ice rapport that they really showcase well in this film

The colors in the film are really beautiful. The black and white with the contrasting bright colors of her imagined film that she writes the script for.

The interesting thing about this movie is that it is based on Sally Potter's real life. In such movies, one doesn't know whats real and whats fiction. Its the guessing thats fun.

My friend Samir often tells us in his reviews, what a movie should taste like in our mouth. This one is definitely like French chocolate.

I'll just leave you with another intense video - this one should leave you with intrigue, if you aren't already that is!

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